Ta'dib As An Alternative Concept Of Legal Education In Indonesia

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Muhammad Nurcholis Alhadi , Khudzaifah Dimyati , Absori , Kelik Wardiono


Legal education in Indonesia as a legacy of the colonial period is full of positivistic paradigms. This paradigm is responsible for the separation of knowledge from its spirit in the form of transcendental values. Naquib Al Attas offers the concept of ta'dib in education to answer the challenges of modernity. This paper focuses its research on, first, how is the problem of legal education in Indonesia? Second, what is the concept of ta'dib and its urgency in legal education in Indonesia? This research uses text/ literature study methods related to legal education in Indonesia. The results showed that, first, legal education in Indonesia in the shadow of the positivistic paradigm gave birth to graduates who had normative views, giving birth to a dichotomy between science and reality. Second, legal education with the concept of ta'dib which is balanced between fardhu and fardhu kifayah science, a balance between science and charity, so that this civilized human being is able to produce justice

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