Health And Wellbeing And Quality Of Life In The Changing Urban Environment: Challenges And Government Response In Fiji Island

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Mumtaz Alam (Corresponding Author) , Mohammed Feroz Ali


With increased worldwide urbanization, the critical relevance of understanding the links between changing urban environments and human health and well-being is becoming more apparent. The science, on the other hand, which underpins the complexity of linkages is still in its infancy. We examine the various forms of health and wellbeing hazards that exist in the urban environment, and their dynamic, ever-changing nature, and show their spatial and socioeconomic dimensions in this study. For this research strategy to advance, a multidisciplinary conceptual framework that goes beyond the current disciplinary disparities in the literature is required.  By incorporating health indicators into all policies and instituting integrated system governance, various change concerns might be efficiently addressed by generating health co-benefits. The fundamental principles of urban planning must incorporate health. An introspective investigation based on secondary data from books and publications, websites, web journals, reports, and government organizations. The study's purpose is to critically analyze present and future health policy on Fiji Island considering changing urban environmental challenges and government response.

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