The Effect Of Cultural Dimensions On Entrepreneurial Intentions With The Moderating Role Of COVID-19: A Comparison Study

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Diala Neebal Al Bati , Alaeddin Ahmad , Mohammad Sumadi


The main purpose of this research is to draw an interest towards the influence of cultural factors on undergraduate entrepreneurial intentions, with the moderating role of the "COVID-19 pandemic", in a comparative context involving two countries which are Jordan and Germany. A quantitative data collection approach was employed, and a five-point Likert scale survey was administered to students at three Jordanian’s universities and three German’s universities, yielding a valid sample of 454 surveys. The hypotheses were tested using the SPSS V23 software. The results of this testing indicate that cultural factors have a significant impact on entrepreneurial intentions. The moderating role of COVID-19 also prevailed to have a significant effect on the relationship between the independent variables and entrepreneurial intentions. The testing showed that there is no significant difference between entrepreneurial intentions between Jordanian and German students. As a result, this research should be used to map a road for policy makers to facilitate entrepreneurial engagement activities and for educational institutions to develop entrepreneurial education.

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