“Knowledge and attitude among gynaecologist regarding oral health and association between periodontal disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes in Pune”

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Dr. ShubhangiRajbhoj, Dr. Pradnya Mali, Dr. ShwetambariNavale, Dr. SuchetaVanjari, Dr. AshwiniNerkarRajbhoj, Dr. Roshani Singh


Background- There is little information about the knowledge and attitudes of gynaecologist regarding oral care. The different phases of female life like puberty, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause specifically influence oral and periodontal health in women.

Objective – To assess the knowledge and attitude of gynaecologist regarding preterm low birth weight cases and periodontal disease among pregnant woman.

Material and methods – About 200 gynecologists participated in study. The study is a cross sectional questionnaire based study on knowledge and attitude regarding periodontal disease and adverse pregnancy outcome among gynecologist.

Results – The results showed that around 68.5%(n-137) of the participants responded that they didn’t regard periodontal disease as a risk factor for systemic diseases/ conditions and 90.5% (n- 181) of participants did not even regarded preterm low birth weight deliveries as risk factor for periodontal disease. And 62.5% (n-125) of the gynaecologist agreed regarding upgrading their knowledge for periodontal changes during pregnancy and associated risk factors.

Conclusion- The overall knowledge and attitude of gynaecologist regarding association of risk factors of periodontal disease among pregnant female and referral to dentist is moderate. A positive attitude among gynaecologist regarding upgrading their knowledge was also seen.

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