Importance Of National Education Policy-2020 In Imparting Education

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Prof. (Dr.) Abhay Kumar


The year 2020 has been an exceptional year for countries across the globe. In India, apart from Covid-19, one of the important changes that took place was the development of the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Time by time, various committees have recommended to increase the allocation of the budget for education to 6% of the GDP, this has lead to the interests of researchers. This paper aims to identify the concerns and focus of NEP 2020. NEP-2020 is an innovative and futuristic proposal with both positive and negative aspects, framed with the objective to provide a quality school education and higher education to everyone with an expectation of holistic & research-oriented progress. This paper initially depicts an overview of NEP-2020, distinguish the strengths & weakness of the policy at higher education & research part, evaluation of the implementation suggestions given in the policy, identifying and analyzing possible generic strategies for implementation of NEP-2020 to fulfill its objectives based on focus group discussions. The paper also includes many predictive proposals on issues like developing quality universities & colleges, institutional restructuring & consolidation, more holistic & multidisciplinary education, optimal learning environment & student support, transforming the regulatory system of higher education, technology usage & integration, and online & digital education. Finally, some recommendations are made to implement the NEP2020 effectively irrespective of various constraints.

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