Microbes And Their Sensitivity To Antibiotics In Samples From The Joints Of Horses With Purulous Inflammation Processes

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Roziboev A. K. , Niyazov H.B. , Bazarov H.K.


When examining the pH environment of the samples taken from the joints of horses undergoing purulent inflammatory processes in horse breeding farms and public feed, the pH environment in the acute process of the disease is from 6.6 to 6.9. , Escherichia coli 40%, Pseudomonas aeruginosa 50%, Proteus 30%, Enterococcus 40%, and the zones formed according to the sensitivity of microbes to antibiotics were 23-28 mm on discs soaked with 10% enrofloxacin, soaked with penstrep-400 20-25 mm in discs, 22-26 mm in ceftrakson-treated discs, 12-28 mm in kanamycin-treated discs, and 5-9 mm in ditrim-treated discs.

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