The Impact Of Transformational Leadership On Innovative Performance, Moderating Role Of Leader Empathic Concern

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Junaid Subhani , Muhammad Ali Qazi , Kashif Bilal , Bina Nazir


Innovative performance has become a key aspect of the organizational success and survival. The accomplishment of the organizational success and survival is led by the leader. Accordingly, the study aimed to examine the role of the transformational leadership towards the innovative performance of the organizations. Additionally, the study aimed to test the moderating role of leader’s empathic concern on the relationship between the TL and the innovative performance. 340 questionnaires were distributed among the respondents working in the software houses, Lahore by using the simple random sampling. Finally, 203 questionnaires were used for the data analysis. The study findings revealed that TL found to positively influence the innovative performance. Additionally, the study revealed that due to the empathetic concern the relationship between TL and innovative performance tend to decrease.

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