Analysis And Identification Of Types Of Sports Based On The Tradition Of Hunting Activities In East Nusa Tenggara

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Marianus Raymundo Seran , Sumaryanti , Gunathevan Elumala


This study aims to identify the types of sports. The method in this research is phenomenology with a qualitative approach. The population in this study amounted to 20 tribal chiefs from NTT, 5 tribal chiefs from Belu, 5 tribes from Alor, 10 tribal chiefs from Malacca, then all these populations were used as subjects in this study. The data collection in this study was observation and in-depth interviews. Sources of data in this study using two sources of data, namely: 1). Sources of direct data that researchers get from the subject / resource person, 2). Indirect data sources that researchers found from books and articles that are relevant to this research. Data analysis in this study includes data reduction, data presentation, and data conclusion drawing. The data that has been collected is then analyzed to be answered in accordance with the objectives of this study. The results of this study prove that there are two identified sports, namely: Javelin Throw and Walking. Thus the conclusion in the study shows that the hunting tradition of the Kuligang tribe has a sport. The limitations of this study are that this study has limitations which include research subjects, hunting traditions which are only discussed in NTT, research time and resources are still few. The researcher hopes that this research can be followed up by other researchers by discussing hunting traditions from other aspects and of course providing simpler and more complex education about this hunting tradition.

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