Analysing The Sector-Wise Variation In The Communication Skill Of The Bank Managers In Kerala:

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Dr. Mohanadasan T


This research compares the variation in the Communication skill of managers of the three prominent banking sectors-The Public Sector, The Old Private Sector and The new Private Sector- in Kerala. A multi-stage stratified random sampling technique was applied for the selection of sample bank managers from the complete list of bank managers in Kerala. The examination based on the 350 responses collected from the bank managers across the three sectors from the three prominent districts of the state, finds that there exists significant variation in the Communication skill of the managers. The variation was tested by using One-Way ANOVA in which the F value is found to be validated statistically at one percent level of significance. The results of the study reveals that the Communication skill of the bank managers selected for the purpose of study varies considerably according to the sector of the bank (public sector/old private sector/new private sector) where in they work. The Communication skill of old private sector bank managers are the highest among the three sectors followed by public sector and new private sector bank managers. This research would be relevant for bank managers as they may identify the gaps in their Communication skill and work on the improvements. The findings of this research will also provide the necessary groundwork for the Administrators in the Banking sector to further explore the reasons for the variation in the Communication skill among the managers working in the three different sectors. Key words: Communication, communication skill, Communication style, communication gaps, effective communication.

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