Sustainability In Commercial Buildings To Achieve A Healthy Environment For Humans. Case Study Taikoo Hui Mall

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Mohamed H. Sabet , Magda M. Siddik , Henar A. Ahmed , Esraa O. Mohamed


The research works to highlight the importance of sustainability and its role in raising the efficiency of commercial centers and upgrading them to achieve optimal performance in terms of environmental, functional, economic and construction terms to achieve the desired goals and help in attracting the largest number of users and achieving the largest possible percentage of profits, as commercial buildings are an important element of attraction Which, in turn, is reflected in contributing to raising the national economy, by explaining the concepts related to sustainability, starting from identifying sustainable development strategies, leading to sustainability in the commercial environment, to extract the standards that must be met in commercial buildings to achieve sustainability, a case study of the Guangzhou Taiko Building in China and analyzed through sustainability criteria.

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