Analysis Of Community Behavior In Consuming Environmentally Electrical Energy In Simple House Types In Makassar City, Indonesia

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Alimuddin Sa’ban Miru , Bakhrani A. Rauf , Nurlita Pertiwi


The use of electrical energy in residential in Indonesia dominates national electricity. Energy consumption per capita increases yearly and makes a crucial problem in developing countries. Therefore, a study of the consumption of electrical energy in the household sector is essential for formulating government policies in energy conservation efforts. This study involved 150 families who lived in simple houses in Makassar City. A questionnaire that includes eight independent variables and one dependent variable becomes a data collection tool. Data analysis used eight steps in the stepwise linear regression method. The analysis results show that environmental awareness is the most critical variable in electrical energy consumption. Furthermore, the knowledge variable on the pattern of saving electrical energy and caring attitude towards saving energy became the second and third essential variables. Therefore, regulations to encourage the proper use of electrical power must begin with increasing public knowledge and commitment to energy conservation efforts.

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