The Importance Of Coherence In Quranic Verses

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Faizan Hassan Javed , Dr. Anas Nazar , Dr. Sajid Asdullah


The Holy Quran is an immortal book which is a source of growth and guidance but also a form of eloquence and literary beauty and charm.  One of the angles of the beauty of the Holy Quran, its attributes and perfection is the discipline and relevance in it. Many things are mentioned in one surah, promises and commination, good news and visions, proverbs and stories, commands and prohibitions are all discussed. But every time with such an order and appropriateness that even the idea of ​​such discipline and communication is beyond human intellect. And everything is said to be connected with this beauty and charm, like pearls in a string, if even a single word is removed from its place, the beauty of the verse will be lost. Therefore, from the beginning till today, a large number of scholars and commentators have been convinced of discipline and relevance in the Holy Quran, and they have rendered services in this art from different angles.

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