The Mediating Role Of Halal Tourism Destination Image And The Moderating Effect Of Religiosity In Islamic Attributes And Halal Service Quality Effect To Strengthen Tourist Loyalty Behavior

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Kuncoro Budi Riyanto , Satria Bangsawan , Mahrinasari MS , Ribhan


This research mainly aims to analyze the mediating role of Halal Tourism Destination Image in strengthening Loyalty behavior and also to examine the moderating effect of Religiosity on the effect of Islamic attributes and halal service quality. The quantitative research design was used to address these objectives by distributing the questionnaires to 451 Indonesian Muslim Tourists based on the purposive sampling technique. By utilizing SEM, and AMOS applications, the result shows that Religiosity can strengthen the effect of Islamic attributes and halal service quality on tourists’ loyalty behavior, which will revisit halal tourism and recommend to other candidate tourists to visit halal tourism. Halal tourism Destination Image plays a vital role as partial mediation in strengthening Tourists’ Loyalty Behavior due to Islamic attributes and halal service quality, even though halal service quality has more value than Islamic Attributes. Tourism management must focus on improving halal delivery service quality performance, especially on shopping facility availability, transportation service frequency, drivers’ attitude,  destination cleanliness, and the clean beach and ocean. This research's novelty is mainly the moderating role of Religiosity in the effect of Islamic attributes and service quality on loyalty behavior. The research results contribute to extending the social exchange theory and the relationship marketing theory. This study can be developed by further research on different Islamic tourism destinations in other counties.

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