Empowerment Of Khatib In Regional Development In Lampung Province

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Eko Hendro Saputra, M. Bahri Ghazali, Hasan Mukmin, Bambang Budi Wiranto, Fitri Yanti


The empowerment of preachers (Khatib) is defined conceptually as the acts of giving the power or the authority to the preachers to increase their competence so they can participate in the regional development. The position of preachers seems so strategic for the regional society's outlook. According to this consideration, the local government supposes to utilize its roles as a partner to support the success of regional development. Unfortunately, this condition has not been utilized optimally by the government. The purposes of this research are to reveal the scientific truth and explain the empowerment of the preachers in the effort of increasing their roles in regional development so they will be recognized in regional development. Moreover, this research is not only time to find out the roles of local government in the attempt of the empowerment of the preachers but also to develop the appropriate strategies to empower the preachers of regional development in Lampung Province. This research was qualitative research with a case study approach to investigate a case deeply. The results showed that the preachers have a strategic role in regional development. The Empowerment of the preachers can be done by some activities such as preacher training, incentives giving, the establishment of an institution as the medium for fulfilling the infrastructure, cadre program, and career development for the preachers. In conclusion, this study found that the preacher has an important role and strategic position of regional development. Unfortunately, the empowerment of the preacher in Lampung Province has not been utilized optimally by the local government. Moreover, their participation in empowering the preacher role also needs to be improved. This research recommends the local governments so they can empower the preachers in conveying the messages of development. Considering, their potential whose existences and roles in society are so important and strategic.

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