Women Online Da’wah In Cyberspace Content Trends

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Fitri Yanti , Eni Amaliah


Trends in content began to fill the virtual space that was built through the da’wah delivered by women on social media, the women's da’wah movement as one of the passions for preaching on social media platforms grounded the identity of women from the dominant environment. Even though some of the preachers are not women who have a religious education background and experience in preaching as well as female preachers in offline rooms, but likes, shares and comments make online preachers become popular figures and referrals more than offline preachers because they have many followers, subscribers, or followers. the following viewers. How do women preachers form an identity that is built through social media da’wah. This study uses a netnographic method, namely da’wah on three social media Instagram, YouTube and Facebook can be a soothing oasis in the midst of the heat of religious narratives that lack appreciation, the themes presented are attractive to the demands of women in the modern era.

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