Family Purchase Decision Making: Exploring Children's Influencing Role

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Sindura Bhargav , Dr. Bharati Pujari


In terms of long-term viability, growth, and development, consumer behaviour research is becoming more and more crucial for marketers. It is more challenging to comprehend how consumer requirements, interests, lifestyles, and demographics are changing. No longer are the kids consigned to the wings. Most of the time, when a family makes a purchase, everyone decides at the same time. Nowadays, children have a significant influence on the majority of a parent's shopping choices. Marketers need to comprehend the intricacies of family purchasing decisions and how much effect kids can have on them. Children are significant participants in many economies thanks to their purchasing power. Other family members' shopping preferences may likewise be significantly influenced by them, This essay aims to provide light on the degree and type of children's effect on parental decision-making about real estate purchases. This study presents the results of a descriptive study on children's shopping preferences. Examining the important research on how children affect family buying decisions. The study has contributed to the corpus of knowledge already available about young consumers. The results could aid firms in better comprehending children's shopping preferences.

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