The Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic On The Income Of Traditional Market Traders In Indonesia

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Nurlaila , Nurbaiti , M. Lathief Ilhamy Nasution


Traditional markets have a very important role in the economy of a region. The increasing number of traditional markets indicates the opportunities, such as employment, management of financial resources, increase welfare, and other opportunities that contribute to alleviating the problems of unemployment and poverty. The traditional market is an informal sector that can become a problem-solving for labor issues, especially in the current economic crisis. Indonesia’s economy is very dependent on the trade sector through the existence of traditional markets in many regions. Policies for handling the COVID-19 pandemic have had a significant impact on the income of traditional market traders. This study discusses the impact of the pandemic on the income of traditional market traders in Indonesia. The study was conducted by using mixed-method and field research. Smart PLS 3.0 was used to analyze the quantitative data. Meanwhile, the qualitative data were analyzed by using NVIVO 12. The study was conducted in traditional markets in Indonesia. The primary data was obtained through an interview, and the sampling technique used was accidental sampling. The results of the study show empirical evidence regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, namely trading hours, types of goods, and locations that have a simultaneous effect on the income of traditional market traders in Indonesia.

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