Exploring Types And Prevalence Of Elder Abuse In Kellem Wollega Zone, Oromia. Ethiopia

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Yirgalem Bekele Tasisa , Tekle Alemu Yigezu


The purpose of this study was to examine types and prevalence of elder abuse in Kellem Wollega Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia.  A Cross-sectional survey study design was employed for the study. Simple random sampling technique used to select a sample size of 175 retiree people. So as to get reliable data, survey questionnaire and Focus group desiccation were used for data collection. Validity of the study was cheeked through respondent validation. Data collected was analyzed using both descriptive (frequency, percentages, mean and standard deviation) and inferential statistics (independent t-test and one-way ANOVA). The finding of this study revealed that, different types of abuse were practiced by elders with high prevalence types of elder abuse. Although elder abuse is common among mem and women, it is more prevalent among women. Psychological abuse was the most common form of abuse closely followed by economic and social abuse; while sexual and physical abuses were not common. Among different variables, economical type of elders’ abuse is influenced by monthly income, psychological abuse is highly influenced by marital status of the respondents, and sexual abuse is highly influenced by age of respondent; from those three different age groups of old age young odds are more abused, then old-old and oldest-old are the secondly and thirdly abused respectively by rank order.                    

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