Do I Have Old Fashioned Worries? An Analysis Of Parental Media Moral Panics In Pakistan

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Dr. Attia Zulfiqar , Sahrish Jamil , Dr. Saima Waheed


This study seeks to explore the panic regarding media morality reported within Pakistan. The PEMRA viewers’ feedback and complaint management system housed complaints registered by parents that were analyzed for the sake of this study. They provided a good baseline of the frequency and nature of complaints registered against foreign entertainment channels. The main concern for Pakistani parents is the dubbing of content in the Hindi language. They also worry about anti Pakistani ideologies, as well as obscenities and indecency within programs. The main media model panics, at least according to an extensive survey of 2000 parents with varying social and educational backgrounds, shows that they're mostly concerned over the influence western media has upon their children, as well as the effect the media might have on their routines and studies. Local parents believe no cartoon should be dubbed in Hindi. There should also be government censorship, as well as pseudo restrictions on some of the foreign channels. Parents also believe there should be more local entertainment channels made for children within Pakistan.

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