The Impact Of Digital Marketing On Hospitality Industry Performance In Thailand During COVID-19: Eastern Economic Corridor

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Prawit Phumpa , Sruangporn Satchapappichit , Kanakarn Phanniphong


The impact of digital marketing on hospitality industry performance in the Eastern Economic Corridor (ECC), Thailand, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, the research is mixed method and aimed to (1) analyze the influences of variables on digital marketing success that affect ECC hospitality industry efficiency and (2) create a digital marketing model that affects ECC hospitality industry efficiency. The sample included 420 hospitality entrepreneurs in Thailand's EEC. The findings of the investigation demonstrated that Firstly, qualitative study shows that the EEC hospitality business is ready to expand the digital market. Digital marketing paradigm, platform, and strategy encouraged data sharing. Business owners were delighted with the EEC's digital marketing channels' influence on the hospitality industry. Secondly, the quantitative research, the findings on the paths of information quality, system quality, and service quality were attitudes towards perceived usefulness and entrepreneurial satisfaction, then digital marketing strategy and perceived usefulness were attitudes towards entrepreneurial satisfaction, and entrepreneurial satisfaction was towards the hospitality industry's performance. Thirdly, the Chi-square value was 58.09 and the degrees of freedom (DF) were 54, as determined by the model analysis of the digital marketing causal association. Chi-square was 0.330, but relative Chi-square (CMIN/DF) was 1.074. GFI = 0.987; corrected GFI = 0.944. In addition, the Root mean square residual was 0.067 and the approximation error was 0.013. In addition, the CFI was 0.999 and the Tucker-Lewis index was 0.997. Overall, the normed fit index was 0.988. In conclusion, the information system development through digital marketing consisted of information quality, system quality, and service quality that integrated all sectors, including the government institution supporting the hotel industry in ECC. In order to achieve the highest efficiency in the hotel industry, OTA's dealers additionally generated trade information via effective digital marketing, in accordance with business owners' digital marketing strategic competence.

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