Psychological Aspects Of Health During Pregnancy, Before, During And After Covid-19 Pandemic: A Comparative Critical Review

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Manar Abu-Abbas, Ph.D. MA. RN , Inaam Khalaf, Ph.D. MA. RN. Professor , Yasmeen Abu Sumaqa, Ph.D. MA. RN


Pregnancy is a critical period in women`s lives, maternal psychological wellbeing during this period is a core component of health. Physiological changes during pregnancy affect women`s mental status and may lead to negative consequences, if not managed properly. Recently, Covid-19 pandemic resulted in additional consequences on pregnant women`s mental wellbeing along with psychological effects of the pregnancy itself. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent the negative consequences of the psychological changes during pregnancy to overcome it without complications. Current literature review explains the associated main psychological attributes among pregnant women before, during and after Covid-19 pandemic; including fear of childbirth and prenatal anxiety. Understanding the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the psychological aspects during pregnancy will help healthcare professionals decide upon suitable strategies to assist pregnant women to overcome the negative consequences of the psychological difficulties.

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