Role Of Electronic Media Advertisement On Customers’ Purchase Decisions

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Mr. Shaji Mathai , Dr. Saket Jeswani


Electronic media is gaining popularity due to its advantages, like connecting with people around the world, sharing their interests, goods, and services, and socializing in an open and connected market. Despite an exponential surge in electronic media usage for practical implications, academic research on this domain is still lagging. We examine the association between electronic media and customers’ purchase decisions. The facets of brand equity, namely brand association, brand awareness, brand loyalty, and perceived quality, were included to supplement the study and investigate how electronic media advertisement can impact customer purchase decisions. The Structural Equation Modeling technique was used to analyze the data collected from 348consumers using various telecommunication services across India. Research findings suggested that electronic media advertisement has a significant impact on customers purchasing decisions through the mediating role of brand association, brand awareness, brand loyalty, and perceived quality.

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