The Typological Structure Of The Mass Media And Its Role In The Development Of Socio-Philosophical Thinking In Society

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Eshbekov Bakhodir


In this article is written about the mass media play a special role in ensuring the openness of each country and demonstrating the transparency of its position in the world. The scientific study of their typology in the development of socio-philosophical thinking, the study of integration processes requires certain spiritual values. In the reforms carried out by Uzbekistan, in this regard, the issues of disseminating open information in society, ensuring the freedom of the people, honoring the value of each person, and strengthening the image of the state at the international level are becoming more and more actual every day. It is also necessary to understand the role of ideology in establishing effective media activities in society. This helps each country to take its place in the world community and ensure the freedom of speech of its citizens. Changes in society directly affect the topological structure of the press and create new philosophical thinking and moral immunity among citizens.

In the development of every country, citizens must have the right attitude towards reality in the media. It is important that journalists promote nationalism and universality as part of their professional ethics. Therefore, the release of new solutions in this area in Uzbekistan leads to the priority of transparency of the social environment and freedom of speech in society. In this sense, one of the important issues facing industry professionals requires high philosophical thinking. Deep knowledge of specialists in each field opens a wide path to the management of the modern world.

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