Research On The Effects Of Integrating Information And Communication Technology (Ict) Into English Teaching In Technical And Vocational Colleges

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Cao Li , Marlissa Omar , Mohamad Sattar Rasul


The field of education and the teaching of languages, in particular, have evolved considerably throughout the years. The twentieth century witnessed significant advancements and developments in language instruction that made it more creative, enthusiastic, and collaborative. Numerous studies have shown that integrating information and communication technology (ICT) into English instruction may improve motivation and engagement, energize the learning environment, and increase the effectiveness of language learning and teaching. Issue: There are still certain issues with the use of ICT tools because of the uniqueness of teaching English. Objective: This empirical research explores the impact of incorporating ICT into English instruction in technical and vocational colleges and the specific elements of English instructors before forming a better teaching model. Research design: This research utilized a quasi-experimental design to examine how ICT has an impact on universities. Data collection: English instructors at technical and vocational institutes in Shandong province were surveyed to gather data. Sampling: To gather qualitative data, purposeful sampling was employed. Data Analysis: The statistical procedures of ANOVA and Chi-square were used to evaluate the data analysis. Outcome: The results demonstrate that ICT improves language acquisition and may be a useful teaching and learning tool. The author expects that the results of the present research will influence instructors to include ICT in their lessons in both high schools and universities.

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