Factors Affecting Reading Habits Of Undergraduate Students At University Level

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Dr. Asia Naz , Dr. Javed Iqbal , Dr. Zafar Khan , Sundas Shakeel


Reading is an interactive practice that can make a person better than others because of awareness and the development of critical thinking skills. This research analyzed variables affecting students' reading habits at Hazara University and identified strategies for solving these variables. The analysis is qualitative and the students have been interviewed in a semi-structured manner. The data was analyzed through thematic analysis. Lack of access to the library and the internet, use of electronic media for entertainment, inability to buy books, lack of time, and a busy academic schedule are all factors that influence students' reading habits. The majority of students read both fiction and nonfiction, while a few do reading for the sole purpose of passing their exams. According to the results, teachers should recommend different books and writers to their students for reading. The administration will conduct pre-surveys and provide books based on the interests of students, and the instructor may encourage students to learn.

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