The Mediating Role Of Absorptive Capacity And Learning Networks In The Relationship Between Inter-Organizational Learning And Innovation Capability

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Tariq Rafique , Dr Sobia Mahmood , Dr. Faisal Shafique Butt , Dr. Tariq Mehmood


This research examines the nexus between inter-organizational learning, absorptive capacity, and innovation in the construction industry. This study, grounded in the theory of absorptive capacity, sought to empirically explore the effects of inter-organizational learning and absorptive capacity on innovation. To better understand absorptive capacity, inter-organizational learning, and innovation, this study is intended to propose a framework. The research was conducted using a deductive, survey-based methodology and was informed by positivist philosophical assumptions. Convenient sampling was used with a sample size of 483. It was observed how well the models fit together using Structural Equation Modelling and the Analysis of a Movement Structure (AMOS). There was enough evidence from the empirical data to suggest that the instrument was valid and reliable. The research concluded that absorptive capacity and learning networks mediate between inter-organizational learning activities and innovation. The study was limited to the construction organizations of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. New research should examine the effects of varying theoretical models and research approaches. This study is also proposed to be repeated in different cultures and environments.

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