Is Internal Marketing Relevant Enough? Influencing Ethical Selling Behavior Of Sales Executives In Indian Fmcg Industry

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Dr.Vibhuti Tripathi , Shobha Mishra


The study investigates the influence of internal marketing on ethical behavior of on-field sales executives in Indian FMCG sector. Through extensive literature review it was found that four dimensions of internal marketing Internal Product, Internal Price, Internal Communication and Internal Place have an influence on ethical behaviour. These dimensions were empirically tested on field sales executives, as they are much prone to ethical misconduct as indicated in literature. Exploratory factor analysis was applied on the primary data collected from 227 field sales executives working in FMCG sector from East Uttar Pradesh, India. Four factors of Internal Marketing and Two factors of Ethical selling behaviour are deduced to test the proposed hypothesized relationship. Eight sub-hypotheses are tested through linear regression analysis. Result suggests that Internal Product, Internal Price, Internal Communication and Internal Place are positively associated with Ethical Actions of field sales executives. In contrast, Internal Price and Internal Communication positively influence the Ethical Consciousness. Findings may be used as guideline by FMCG sector to inculcated ethical culture and lessen the chances of Sales Executives indulging in unethical behaviour. 

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