Spectrophotometric Determination Of Anti-Ulcer Drug (Famotidine) By Brady Reagent

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Fatima Abdali Hassoni , Muthana Saleh Mashkour


It was described how to determine famotidine utilizing a novel, simple, and sensitive spectrophotometric method, both as a pure chemical and in pharmaceutical formulation. To create a strongly colored chromogen with maximum absorbance (max) at 608 nm, 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (2,4-DNPH) and famotidine are combined in an alkaline solution after being oxidized. The amount of Famotidine was then measured using spectrophotometry. Other analytical criteria, such as the ideal reaction circumstances, were evaluated as well. These variables include the amounts of the bases, the 2,4-DNPH and potassium iodate, the coupling reaction time, temperature, and the sequence in which the components of the finished product are added.Beer's law is followed at concentrations between 25-250 μg.mL-1with The correlation coefficient(R2)0.9986 , molar absorptivity 3337.808(L.mol-1.cm-1) , Sandellʼs sensitivity 0.1010(μg. cm-2) limit of detection (LOD) )0.006 μg.ml-1  (and limit of quantification (LOQ) )0.018 μg.ml-1(   were calculated.   he suggested method for locating famotidine in pharmaceutical formulations worked well. 

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