Involvement Of The Parties In The Execution Of Evidence To Minimize Civil Lawsuits

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Ema Siti Huzaemah Ahmad , Sigid Suseno , Sunarta


Decision court strong criminal law permanent imply implementation criminal wrong the only one execution goods evidence done through auction. Auction goods evidence that does not involve the relevant parties with act criminal potential cause existence lawsuit civil by the parties. Study this aim for formulating strategy prosecutor executor in executing goods proof through an auction to avoid lawsuit civil from the parties. Study this is study law using qualitative and juridical normative methods. Data was used in the form of primary data obtained through Interviews and observation and secondary data obtained through studies document. Secondary data from ingredient primary law, material law secondary, and ingredient law tertiary. Data analysis was performed in a qualitative normative manner. The results show that the involvement of figures in the implementation proves to have a positive influence on minimizing civil lawsuits because the evidence is strong both physically and administratively considering that civil lawsuits occur quite often due to poor communication so that many important figures are not involved in the execution process of an item that is still pending. Considered controversial regarding its ownership.

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