The Effect Of Human Resource Management Practices On Employees’ Retention In King Saud University

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Abdullah ,M. Almanie


This study aims  to investigate the effect of HRM  Practices on employees’ retention in King Saud University. The study is a cross-sectional descriptive research. It utilizes a quantitative approach. It will prove the cause and effect relationship between employee retention and the independent factors, i.e. empowerment, training, compensation and appraisal. A random sampling method was used to identify a sample for the study. The survey questionnaire was distributed through an online survey. After removing incomplete submissions, a total of 440 respondents sent their to-questionnaire- Reponses. All of them were from King Saud University . A structured questionnaire is used for data collection which covers 5 main independent variables. It contains 26 items . It consists of two parts, section A is general information, while Section B consists of questions about 5 factors which have an impact on employee retention: compensation and rewards, working conditions, training and development, employee empowerment and appraisal system. All variables were correlated positively and significantly at  p<.001). All variables predicted and positively affected employees’ retention in King Saud University.

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