The Organizational Culture As An Innovation Management Strategy In An Agro-Export Company

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Dr. Alejandro Alfredo Quispe-Mayuri, Mag.William Jesús Rojas-Gutiérrez, Mag. Arias-Rimari Eliana María, Janet Natalia Mendoza-Rejas, Dra María Pilar Cacsire-Castillo, Ing. Luz Lorena Junes-Del Pozo


The objective of the research was: To analyze the organizational culture as an innovation management strategy in an agro-export company. The type of research was quantitative, the level was descriptive/correlational, and the chosen design was non-experimental. The census population consisted of 60 sample elements. It is concluded that there are factors that limit the development of organizational culture as a management strategy in an agro export company. The near future of the organization is totally uncertain; it is immersed in a complex, changing, and dynamic environment, which is why it is opting for the generation and development of strategies to face its direct and indirect competition and to achieve a position in the market where it participates.

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