The Influence Of Hr Policy, Leadership And Personality On Employee Engagement With Job Satisfaction As An Intervening Variable At Pt. East Jakarta Industrial Park (Ejip)

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Yosminaldi , Billy Tunas , Gatot Nazir Ahmad


The aims of this research is to analyze the influence of employee engagement through HR policies, leadership, personality, and job satisfaction. The sample of this research are 110 permanent employees in an industrial estate management company. The data collected using printed questionnaires were analyzed through the path analysis method. From the research findings, it shows that there is a positive direct influence between HR policies for employee engagement and an indirect effect of HR policies on employee engagement through the mediating role of job satisfaction. The implications of this research are the most important for companies, having a systematic and professional recruitment and selection system, recognizing employee performance, making participatory policies that always communicate to employees, respecting competence, developing a sustainable learning system, compiling SOPs, systems increasing employee knowledge, paying attention to the need to improve welfare and welfare, making HSE programs according to appropriate regulations, developing a fair, objective & competency-based performance appraisal system and developing a fair and transparent remuneration & incentive system. Leaders who have the concept of HR policies in the team, contribute to job satisfaction & employee engagement. Planned and effective HR policy making, can help assist employee engagement through job satisfaction. This study explored the role of HR policies, leadership, personality towards employee engagement through the mediating role of job satisfaction, which has not been explored theoretically and empirically tested in industrial estate management companies in Indonesia.

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