The Social And Emotional Effects Of Covid-19 Pandemic Among Hashemite University’s Students

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Reem Abd Elkareem Al Omoush , Abdallah Mahmoud Altarawneh , Ayman Mohammad Oliemat


The study aims to identify the social and emotional effects of the Covid-19 pandemic among Hashemite University’s students. The sample consists of (250) male and female students from the faculty of Educational Sciences. The researchers developed a scale of social and emotional effects depending on theoretical literature and previous studies. Appropriate statistical methods are used throughout this study, most notably arithmetic averages, standard deviations, and Multiple analysis of variance (MANOVA). Results of the study indicate that the overall level and the arithmetic averages of the extent to which Hashemite University’s students experienced social and emotional effects in the Covid-19 pandemic are of a high degree. According to the variables of gender and the academic year, the study also shows that there are no differences in the estimates made by the study population regarding experiencing social and emotional factors. The study concludes that it is crucial to provide psychological, emotional, and social support to students who studied online in order to achieve proper psychological adjustment and compatibility. It is also necessary to consider the educational and counseling aspects while dealing with students.

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