The Influence Of Individual Internal Protective Factors On Student's Academic Resilience

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Prima Ratna Sari , Siswandari , Kristiani


The purpose of this study to examine the effect of individual internal protective factors on students' academic resilience. This research is quantitative research with survey method use distribute questionnaires that have fulfilled the process and requirements of the validity and reliability test. This research was conducted on 12th grade social studies high school students in the provinces of DKI Jakarta, Central Java, and the Special Region of Yogyakarta uses the proportional random sampling technique. The analysis of this study uses multiple regression analysis techniques. The results showed that the individual's internal protective factors consisting of perceptions about online learning, digital literacy and self direct learning were able to affect the level of academic resilience by 64.8%. The individual internal protective factor that has the most significant effect on student resilience is self-direct learning with an academic contribution of 59.62%. This study can provide useful information in the form of the importance of positive perceptions about online learning and the need to increase digital literacy and self direct learning for academic resilience so that learning loss at students can be overcome after going through the learning inĀ  pandemic era.

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