The Impression Of Using Animation On Students’ Academic Progress Of Directorate Of Education Governed Schools

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Dr. Sapna Yadav


Modern education faces challenges in all spheres of social, economic, and cultural life, the most significant of which are overpopulation, overabundance of knowledge, changes in educational philosophy and the role of the teacher, the spread of illiteracy, a lack of staff, technological advancements, and the media (Aloraini, 2005, p. 30–32). This motivated the teaching staff to employ modern teaching technologies to address some of the major issues that education and its productivity face by raising the learning level that may be achieved through granting everyone the same opportunities, whenever and wherever they are, while taking into account the individual differences between learners (Wilkinson, 1986, p. 13 & Abd El-Halim Said, 1997, p. 19).Some members of the teaching staff worked to integrate technology into the classroom by creating new teaching strategies and adapting traditional ones (Al-A'ny, 2000).

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