Performance Evaluation Of Mutual Funds: A Study On Selected Equity Mutual Funds In India

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Dr. J. Murthy , Dr. M. S. R. Anjaneyulu , Mrs. Himresha Bhatt , Mr. Dadi Srimanth Kumar


In this paper the performance evaluation of Indian mutual funds is carried out through relative performance Daily closing NAV of different schemes have been used to calculate the returns from the fund schemes. NSE - Nifty has been used for market portfolio. The performance of mutual funds is carried out through risk and return analysis, Standard Deviation, Sharpe Index, Treynor Index and ANOVA. The source of data is association of mutual fund in India. The period of study is April 2019 to March 2022.The result suggest that most of the mutual fund given positive return during the study period. Mutual fund is finest avenue for investment in capital market.

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