Dalihan Na Tolu: Vision Of The Integrity Of The Batak Toba Community And Inspiration For The Development Of National Unity

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Yakobus Ndona , Liber Siagian , Pulumun Peterus Ginting , Frinawaty Lestarina Barus


Article this speak about vision wholeness the painted Toba community in system kinship Dalihan na tolu, the one who was raised from results study field in the Toba community of Medan city , February-December 2021. Writing meant for find inspiration for development nationalism nation . Data collected past interview , observation and study literature , then analyzed with technique hermeneutics philosophy . The results of data analysis show that Dalihan na tolu is part from arrangement divinity highest , contains vision wholeness , which represents wholeness cosmos and universe, because that absolute created and immortalized for build existence and well- being live . Vision wholeness Dalihan na tolu make Toba people see fellow as family , avoid slavery and destructive conflict , adapt _ with progress and diversity at a time conformist with affirmative values . _ Vision wholeness Dalihan na tolu can inspire Public pluri religious and multi-cultural adults this for find dimensions divine and caring wholeness , build existence and well- being in wholeness nation .

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