Training In Diverse Style And Its Effect In Improving Some Biomechanical Variables Of The Skill Of The Aces In Volleyball

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Prof. Dr. Suhad Kasem AL-Musauy , Prof. Dr. Moayad Abdullah Jassim , Prof. Dr. Najah Mahdi Shalash


The aims of the research to identify the biomechanical variables of the skill of the aces in volleyball of the research sample. Likewise, setting exercises in a diverse style to improve some biomechanical variables associated with performing the skill of the aces in volleyball. Also, identifying the effect of exercises in improving some Biomechanical variables associated with the skill of the aces in volleyball. The researchers followed the experimental approach to its suitability of the nature of the research. The researchers conducted the experiment on a sample consisting of (12) players represented by the players of the Sports Industry Club, The researchers used a set of exercises in the diverse style for the purpose of improving some biomechanical variables in the skill of the aces in volleyball. For exercises to modify and improve some variables, including (the speed of approaching, the corner of the ball's start, the angle of the rise, the peripheral speed of the striking arm, the speed of the ball's start). Likewise, moral differences appeared between the results of the pre -tribe and post tests in the two variables (the maximum height, The horizontal distance to enter the stadium) The researchers recommended to conduct similar studies and in different age groups.

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