An Analysis Of Head Teachers` Leadership Styles In Relation To The Characteristics Of Teachers` Performance

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Murtaza Ali Laghari , Zuber Ahmed Chachar , Dr. Ayaz Ahmed Chachar


This paper generally aims to analyze the head teachers` leadership styles in relation to the characteristics of teachers` performance. It`s a perilous and central problem for all administrations and institutions round the world. many nations around the world have attempted on the way to highlight and emphasize the perception of effective headship in a variety of ways in their organizations’ regular events, programs, and presentation i.e., in Pakistan, there is a rapid and growing awareness of leadership in different areas and pitches, in tandem with a strident rise in the quantity of teachers, universities, colleges, and schools, as well as others involved directly or indirectly in the educational domains (Ahmed Iqbal et al., 2021).

The study specifically intends to investigate the influence of Head teachers` Democratic leadership styles on Teachers` motivation. To examine the influence of Head teachers` Autocratic leadership styles on Teachers` Productivity. To know the influence of Head teachers` Laissez faire leadership styles on Teachers` creativity.

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