Discovering Appropriate Indicators In The Field Of Public Administration For Achieving Sustainable Development Goals In Developing Countries: Utilizing The Decision Tree Analysis Method

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Young-Chool Choi


This study is based on the assumption that development, in the field of public administration, is important in terms of the sustainable development of developing countries. This is a prescriptive study, that seeks to discover which indicators are appropriate for measuring the levels of public administration in developing countries, and then applying them to these countries by using the actual values ​​of the indicators thus discovered. Thereby, it should be possible to identify which specific projects, among public administration fields, should be implemented in the future to aid the sustainable development of developing countries. As an analysis method, decision tree analysis was applied. As a result, all developing countries were divided into eleven nodes, making it possible to identify the specific characteristics of the countries belonging to each node (group) and to discover projects beneficial for the future development of public administration.

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