Relationship Between Occupational Stress And Lecturers’ Job Performance In Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

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Rowell Ubogu (PhD.) , Oghounu, A. E. (Ph.D.)


Stress is present in all occupations but its degree and effects vary. This study investigated the relationship between occupational stress and job performance of workers in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The study adopted a descriptive design. The sample size of 100 full-time lecturers in nine tertiary institutions in Delta State was drawn to participate in the study. A questionnaire was used to collect data. The reliability of the instrument was established at 0.98 coefficient using the Cronbach Alpha. Data were analysed using means, standard deviation and multiple regression analysis. Findings from the study showed that tertiary institutions’ lecturers in developing countries face high stress which affects their job performance. It revealed that stress has a significant relationship with the tertiary institutions' lecturers’ job performance. There was a significant relationship between the different dimensions of stress, sources of stress and lecturers’ demographic variables and lecturers’ job performance in public tertiary institutions in Delta State. Based on the findings, it was concluded that time planning should be a prerequisite for all lecturers in their job execution; and a recreational centre should be built in all institutions for effective relaxation by lecturers.

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