Availability And Utilization Of Multimedia At Higher Secondary School Level In Pakistan And Its Impact On Students’ Academic Achievement

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Sabir Hussain , Mudassir Hussain , Mati Ullah , Muhammad Ayaz , Muhammad Anwar , Ayaz Ali Khan , Shafqat Ullah


There is extensive use of multimedia in educational institutions to make and improve the teaching-learning process more effective and interesting. In this regard, the researcher focused on the availability and utilization of multimedia at the GHSS level in Pakistan. The design of the study was a survey (descriptive) in nature. The population of the study consisted of (N = 2356) respondents including (14 Principals, 197 Teachers, and 2145 Students) out of which the total numbers of (n = 141) respondents i.e. 14 Principals, 20 Teachers, and 107 students were taken as samples of the study by applying John Curry sample size rule of thumb. Data were collected through a self-developed questionnaire on a 5-points Likert scale. Quantitative research was preferred by using inferential statistics. Pilot testing was ensured. Data were delimited to boys' Higher Secondary Schools in district Lakki Marwat. The collected data were statistically analyzed through SPSS by using regression and Chi-Square. Regression was used to know the influence of ICT on student academic achievement whereas Chi-Square was used to check the effect of ICT resources on learners’ behavior. Findings, results and conclusions were drawn by revealing that the availability and utilization of Multimedia in GHSS of district Lakki Marwat were approximately equal. Recommendations were suggested that the availability and utilization of multimedia are very important and essential at the school level to promote and develop the education system in which the government, education department, Education Officials, and educationists may play their special roles as well.

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