The Influence Of Social Support, Sefl Efficacycy And Employee Engagement As Intervening Variable On Work Achievement In Cv.Xyz

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Sudrajat Setiawan , Elmi Farida , Rimawan Erry


As an intervening variable on work performance at CV.XYZ, this study examines the direct and indirect effects of social support, self-efficacy, and employee engagement on these variables. As an intervening variable, social support, employee self-efficacy, and employee engagement will be examined in this study.Quantitative research methods and a causal study strategy are used by the researcher in this study.Results reveal that social support and self-efficacy have an impact on employee engagement and performance, self-efficacy has an impact on employee performance, and employee engagement acts as an intervening variable in employee performance. CV.XYZ in improving employee performance by providing regular socialization on a regular basis.

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