School Management Platforms: What Contribution To The Improvement Of Distance Education In The Context Of The "Covid-19" Pandemic?

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Mohammed Amine BRAHAMI , Farah MOUSSAOUI


Education, as a strategic sector, is at the heart of the digital transformation whose process is enhanced by the implementation of programs for the integration of ICT within educational institutions. The uses of digital tools and computer software in learning and teaching have characterized the first stage of this integration. The second part is represented by the digitization of administrative management of schools by means of platforms dedicated to the organization of the various aspects of school life. Henceforth, this paper focuses on the contribution of school management platforms, in particular, the “DirassaTIC” platform in the continuity of process of distance teaching during the temporary closure of schools in this period of pandemic due to the spread of covid-19. This research work sheds a theoretical and empirical light on this issue with two field surveys conducted among two actors using the platform “DirassaTIC”, in this case, school principals and parents. Despite that the school management platform has been a more than effective help during the lockdown, however, shortcomings were recorded.

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