Process Innovation And Institutional Strengthening In A Financial Institution

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Alejandro Alfredo Quispe Mayuri, Freddy Jhonny Sachún Núñez, Antuanet Erika Chirinos Mendoza, Janet Natalia Mendoza Rejas, Amelia Rosa Mendoza Rejas, Nelly Rosario Aquije Muñoz


Process innovation and institutional strengthening are two variables valued by today's organizations due to their importance as a source to generate competitive advantages. The purpose of the study was to analyze the relationship between process innovation and institutional strengthening in a financial institution. The research was of a cross-sectional correlational descriptive type, the study population was 47 employees, the survey technique was used and the questionnaire as an instrument. The findings of the study show important contributions for financial organizations. It is concluded that there is a significant relationship between process innovation and institutional strengthening, and the Spearman's Rho connection found takes a value of 0.415, which indicates that there is a moderate correlation between process innovation and development. institutional. It is established that the employees of the financial institution must value the great benefits that this topic of study brings to the organization, in addition it is appreciated that there is a marked interest in the study of innovation in the services sector, an aspect that will determine the success factors. for the organization to improve its competitiveness and its institutional image.

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