Learning In The New Normal: Perception Of Students Towards Communication Challenges And Their Satisfaction With ‘Asynchronous’ Learning Modality

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Gerald Paul G. Aquino , Darwin G. Delacruz , Maria Loida D. Irabagon , Danilo S. Vargas , Marife De torres


This study examined the communication challenges faced by the students and their satisfaction with the asynchronous learning modality. Using the data collected from 131 respondents of the Department of Communication and Development Studies (DCDS) at Central Luzon State University (CLSU), it was found that learners accounting for 57.3% of the respondents have experienced psychological problems. On the other hand, 80.2% of the respondents have experienced semantic problems. Data also reveals that the students seldom experienced technological problems. Based on the findings, 66.4% of the respondents were satisfied with the learning materials and how they were assessed on google classroom, and 52.7% had enough interaction and support from their teachers. However, in terms of peer interaction, over 65.6% and knowledge gained, accounting for 67.2% of the respondents, were unsatisfied based on the statements given. This study also revealed that certain aspects of students' socio-demographic characteristics, such as age and internet connectivity, contributed to students' technological challenges. This study found that older students have technological barriers in this type or mode of learning. Moreover, this study also revealed that problems when it comes to internet connectivity will pose a significant challenge among students during this period as the country begins to embrace the new pedagogical approach to learning today.  Furthermore, this study also showed a negative relationship between the psychological barrier and respondents’ satisfaction with teachers’ and students’ interactions. Based on the findings, as the respondents were satisfied with teachers’ and peers’ support, the students did not experience the psychological barrier.

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