Robotic Weapons: A Threat To Humanity

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Aamir Khan Jamali , Shan Ali , Amina Iqbal , Mahrukh Khalid


This research study is a Liberal Critique on the use of Robotic Weapons in modern warfare that how Robotic Weapons and Law of War do not comply with each other. This study is a critical analysis in greater depth of Robotic Weapons and how they are threat to human, animal and environment contributing to the critique of the use of Robotic Weapons in modern warfare. IHL and its doctrine precaution, need, distinction/difference, accountability and proportionality/balance are used as standards to check the legality of Robotic Weapons in war. A sound theoretical framework is constructed to position this paper in the already published work on the use of Robotic Weapons. This research finds that deployment of Robotic Weapons doesn’t comport with the IHL and doctrine/principle/values enshrined therein. The use of Robotic Weapons fails the military necessity test. They also fail to differentiate between a civilian and combatant. Likewise, doctrine/principle/values of accountability, proportionality, and precaution are not complied with. Since the use of Robotic Weapons don’t qualify any of the ethics of IHL, therefore, it is concluded that there should be placed a total prohibition on Robotic Weapons.

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