Child Labour Is A Denial Of Human Development: An Analysis

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Navpreet Kaur , Dr. Shobha Gulati


Child labour is a serious problem not just in India but in other developing nations since it harms a child's physical and mental development. Numerous laws have been passed to forbid child labour, but they haven't been successful in putting a stop to the issue. Poverty and Child Labour are linked together, which robs children of their childhood and dignity while also harming their health, education, and, most significantly, their development potential. It is plainly at odds with the notion of human development, which focuses directly on the advancement of human lives and well-being, and is assessed using three criteria: economic well-being, education, and health. Childhood is an important and sensitive stage in human development because it has the possibility for future advancement in every civilization. Every developing or encircling country connects its future to the position of its children. Several interrelated elements impact the risk of Child Labour.

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