Exploring The Views Of Students About Academic Engagement In Online Classes Of Undergraduates

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Dr. Uzma Shahzadi , Dr. Fazeelat Noreen , Dr. Muhammad Nisar Ul Haq


The importance of Academic Engagement has been an emphasis in the learning process. Academic engagement is known to boost student’s success in online classes by enhancing retention, desire to learn and student satisfaction. Online platform enable students to reduce loneliness and increase interaction.. The aim of this study is to explore the perception of students about academic engagement in online classes of undergraduates and to examine student perceptions of online learning. This is quantitative research. Convenient sample technique was used for data collection. Sample consists of 97 students that are enrolled in Education department, University of Sargodha. The information is gathered by the use of a 15-item questionnaire. Finding of this research explored that online learning is effective mode of learning as compare to in person learning. It is concluded that  male and female students have same perception that online classes provide same opportunities for academic engagement as provided in traditional classes.

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