Law-Making Power In Indonesia: Beyond General Practices Or Uniqueness Of Constitutional System?

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Muhammad Rullyandi , I Gede Pantja Astawa , Dewi Kania Sugiharti , Zainal Muttaqin


The need for a statutory regulation is one of the absolute requirements in the life of the state. The high need for these regulations is directly proportional to the expansion of the government's work area which of course requires a series of authorities to realize the goals that have been set. The same thing also happened in Indonesia, which was formed on the foundation of a state based on law with all its characteristics by stipulating the division of authority as stipulated in the constitution, including the authority in the field of law-making. This study aims to illustrate that the authority to form laws in Indonesia has a unique characteristic but on the other hand, it is also a picture that is contrary to the general practice adopted by many legal systems in other countries.

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